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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to several common questions we receive about the NCANA Learning Center. You can also visit the Support page for technical, billing, AANA credits or lessons content.

What are courses?
Think about course as folders that have specific contents. The courses house the lessons you want to subscribe.

I can't see the credits I obtained in my AANA account.
The AANA and NCANA Learning Center do not have a direct link. The NCANA submits the subscriber's credits monthly except in June when report will be submitted every two weeks. Please contact NCANA for more questions on AANA continuing education credits.

The cost of a lesson I want to subscribe is not at member's price.
We apologize for the inconveniences.  Your membership category may have to be updated. Please contact NCANA to update your membership status.

I want to review the lessons I completed.
You can easily review the history of your activity by using the My Activity button at the home page.

The Learning Center is not accepting the coupon I received.
The coupon codes are case sensitives and has expiration dates. After making sure that you have correctly entered the coupon code and check the expiration, please contact NCANA to resolve the issue.

Are there various AANA continuing education credits for all the lessons?
Subscribers can obtain one (1) Class A AANA credit for most lessons; however, there are free lessons that may have less than one (1) Class A AANA credit.