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Welcome to the NCANA
Online Learning Center

The North Carolina Association of Nurse Anesthetists (NCANA) continues its vision of enhancing and enduring its commitment to patient safety, outstanding professionalism, and the highest quality anesthesia care. The NCANA achieves its vision through its mission, particularly with member engagement and education. The NCANA Online Learning Center is an avenue to share its mission and vision to all nurse anesthesia providers.

The NCANA Online Learning Center places you, the nurse anesthesia providers, the center of the learning process and provides affordable and high-quality AANA Class A educational activities. With the complexities in personal life and job demands, you dictate the pace of your learning at NCANA Online Leaning Center.

AANA Requirement
For AANA Class A credit, the AANA requires subscribers to obtain a score of at least 80% of the post lesson's test AND complete the Learning Assessment and Lesson Evaluation survey for each lesson accessed. 

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Getting Started:

  • The course catalogs are specific topics or specialization in anesthesia.
  • Browse and select interesting lessons in each course.
  • Each topic have varying prices. Associate members of the NCANA can access all topics for free.
  • Subscribers access completed lessons using the My Activity button.
  • Subscribers will receive a digital certificate that they can download after completion of each lesson.

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